John Ponte
Software Developer

John Ponte is a software developer in the JMP Division of SAS Institute, specializing in graphics, visualizations and image processing. John has been in the software industry for over 25 years. His work experience includes graphics subsystems for commercial and military flight simulators, open-source software and web-based applications in the health care vertical market.

Squarify: Treemap's new tile layout in JMP 12

Ever since Ben Shneiderman developed the Treemap in the early 1990s, people have been coming up with new algorithms for laying out tiles, or rectangles, to represent data. Treemap is an area-filling visualization designed to represent the data such that the user can compare values easily by looking at the

What color is The Dress? JMP can tell you!

The Internet was abuzz last week over a picture of a blue and black dress. Or was that a white and gold dress? That was the question. What color is that dress? Well, as a guy, my immediate response was, "Who cares?" What I wanted to know is: Is that

Visualizing geospatial data with the Street Map Service

Back in August 2012, Laura Higgins, a JMP systems engineer, wrote a great blog post titled “Fighting crime using geospatial analysis in JMP.” In that post, she explores crime data for San Francisco. When she was working on that post, she contacted me and asked if there was a way

Image analysis of an elephant's foot in JMP

This is a picture of the bottom of an elephant's foot. As you might guess from looking at this picture, this is not a very happy elephant. Elephants kept in captivity often spend their time walking on pavement or other hard surfaces. This is not the substrate they are used

Embedding images in JSL scripts

Every now and then a question arises that spawns enough discussion that I think it is worthy of a blog post. The topic of discussion around JMP's virtual water cooler this time is the idea of including an image inside a JSL script. A similar discussion arose not long ago

Using images to add context to your data

On more than one occasion, I have been asked why we added image functionality to JMP. After all, JMP is a statistical software package. What is the value of imagery and what can you do with images in JMP? Well, there are a number of reasons for adding the functionality,

Blending images in JMP

A few months ago, a JMP customer contacted JMP Technical Support inquiring about the image functionality in JMP 9. In particular, the customer asked if there was any function that would blend two images together. Tech support forwarded that question to me. I had added some image functionality in JMP

Improve your image with JMP 9

If you attended the JMP Discovery Summit 2011 in Denver, Colorado, back in September, you may have sat in on my presentation, Image Isn't Everything But It Sure Is Something in JMP 9. I talked about the image functionality that was added to JMP for version 9, and I demonstrated some

How to Add an Image to a Graph in JMP 9

Seems like people are starting to discover the new image functionality that was added to JMP 9. And when you are asked the same question by three different people in the same week, you've got to figure it is time for a blog post. The popular question this week is:

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