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Manager of JMP Customer Care

5 more things you don't know about JMP

Previously, I shared a list of things you probably didn't know about JMP. Maybe you already knew some of them. Maybe you learned a few new things; I hope you did. Well, now here are five more things you probably don't know about JMP. 1. Row State columns There are

5 things you don't know about JMP

The title of this post is provocative, I know. But if you read this list, I'll bet you'll find something that you didn't know about. Now, if it turns out that you already knew most of these, I do want to know. Take a moment, let me know and add

Attention procrastinators: The time has come

Ask most anyone I work with, and they'll tell you that I need a deadline to make something happen. If you're the same way, then the time has come for you. The call for papers for Discovery Summit 2015 in San Diego closes Monday morning, March 9. That gives you

How do I get JMP 12?

In case you haven’t heard, JMP 12 is coming very soon. I hope you’re as excited about this release as we are. If you are, you’re probably ready to figure out how to get it for yourself. There are a few different ways, depending on the kind of license you

JMP 11 maintenance update available (again!)

After a false start, the JMP 11 maintenance train is back on track. We've released a new maintenance update for JMP 11: version 11.1.1. This updater is ready now. As always, the easiest way to find the right updater for you is to let JMP find it (Preferences --> JMP

If you've updated to JMP 11.1, please uninstall

We regret to report that there is technical problem with JMP 11.1. To ensure that you are not affected by this problem, please uninstall JMP 11.1 and reinstall JMP 11.0 using your original installer. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact JMP Technical Support. After you install JMP

Right on time, 1st update for JMP 11 is now available

NOTE: Due to a technical problem with JMP 11.1, we have temporarily disabled the JMP 11.1 maintenance downloads. This will also delay the release of the JMP 11.1 installers. We are sorry for this inconvenience. We will update this post as soon as more information is available. Unless you're a

Six little things I like in JMP 11

JMP 11 and JMP Pro, Version 11, are full of lots of big new features, like: The Response Screening platform that gives you confidence to examine hundreds or thousands of responses at once. An Excel import Wizard that turns complex Excel tables into data ready to be analyzed in JMP.

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