Michael Hecht

Michael helped create JMP 1.0 in 1989, and every version of JMP since. He currently leads the teams that bring JMP to the Macintosh and Graph Builder to the iPad.

Coming in JMP 12: Menu customization on Mac

For the past several versions, JMP users have been able to customize their menu bar on Windows. They can add new menu items, rearrange the existing ones, or simplify their user interface by removing items they don’t use. Now Mac users can do these same things in JMP 12. Users can

JMP iPad app update from SAS Global Forum

This week, I'm in sunny Orlando for SAS Global Forum 2012. I'm here talking to people about JMP Graph Builder for iPad. If you're attending the conference, stop by the JMP booth and say "hi." Or catch one of my Super Demos at 1pm Monday or Tuesday. I'll be showing

There & back again – Part 2: Sharing your results

Yesterday I posted about the different ways to move your JMP data table from your desktop to your iPad, so you can use it with JMP Graph Builder for iPad. Once you've done that, you'll most likely want to share your discoveries with other people. Sharing is one of those

Introducing JMP Graph Builder for iPad

I just love the iPad! In it, Apple has combined mobility and raw computing power with an amazingly responsive touch interface. When I first saw it, I thought, "We need to put JMP on this device!" And there is one component of JMP that practically screams to be on the