Audrey Ventura
Development Tester

My 4 little-known favorites for the JMP data table

If you work with JMP, then one of your primary points of contact is through the JMP data table. The data table is exceedingly rich in functionality in order to accommodate all different kinds of data and applications. My work with JMP as a software tester requires me to try many different data sources with

JMP add-in summarizes sample data (or your data)

Sometimes when you hear about a new feature in JMP, you want to try it out. You may not have the right kind of data on hand, or you may just want to see a canned example. The JMP sample data is a rich resource full of these good examples.

Questions for JMP at SAS Global Forum 2012

The JMP booth was a hub of activity during the first full day of SAS Global Forum 2012. We received a wide range of questions, and I would like to share some of them with you so we can all participate in the global conversation about SAS and its products. Q:

JMP helped me decide between Netflix and Qwikster

The Internet is all abuzz, aflutter and atwitter lately about Netflix’s recent decisions to raise prices and split its well-known DVD-mail service off into a new service called Qwikster. I’m not immune to the hype, and since my last Netflix charge came in at over $25, I've been wondering if

Analyzing NC State Fair Attendance Using JMP

The North Carolina State Fair is in full swing in Raleigh this week. All the talk lately in the break room at the office concerns the Fair. "Did you go to the fair this weekend?" "What day will you go?" "Are you going to try a Krispy Kreme burger?" Fried

What Factors Affect Office Temperature? Creating Custom Maps

This post is the third in a series that shows how we conducted an observational study about office temperatures, from design to execution to analysis and visualization. See Part I and Part II. In the previous two posts, we discussed the design and execution of an observational study about what

What Factors Affect Office Temperature? Data Collection and Cleaning

This post is the second in a series that will show how we conducted an observational study about office temperatures, from design to execution to analysis and visualization. For the first post, see Part I. In the previous post, we discussed what factors might affect office temperatures. We used JMP’s

What Factors Affect Office Temperature? A Design in JMP

Weekday summer afternoons will usually find me in my office, huddled under a blanket. I work on the fourth floor of Building S on the SAS campus, with most of the other JMP staff. It seems cold in my office in the afternoons, especially in summer. I’ve discovered I’m not