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Let PROC FREQ create graphs of your two-way tables

The recent releases of SAS 9.4 have featured major enhancements to the ODS statistical graphics procedures such as PROC SGPLOT. In fact, PROC SGPLOT (and the underlying Graph Template Language (GTL)) are so versatile and powerful that you might forget to consider whether you can create a graph automatically by

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Compute nearest neighbors in SAS

Finding nearest neighbors is an important step in many statistical computations such as local regression, clustering, and the analysis of spatial point patterns. Several SAS procedures find nearest neighbors as part of an analysis, including PROC LOESS, PROC CLUSTER, PROC MODECLUS, and PROC SPP. This article shows how to find

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Overlay a curve on a bar chart in SAS

One of the strengths of the SGPLOT procedure in SAS is the ease with which you can overlay multiple plots on the same graph. For example, you can easily combine the SCATTER and SERIES statements to add a curve to a scatter plot. However, if you try to overlay incompatible