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Getting Started with SGPLOT - Part 4 - Series Plot

This is the 4th installment of the Getting Started series.  The audience is the user who is new to the SG Procedures.  Experienced users may also find some useful nuggets of information here. Series plots are frequently used to visualize a numeric response on the y-axis by another numeric variable on

Data Visualization
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Boxplot with connect

This blog post is motivated by a post by a user on the communities page about creating a box plot with colored boxes by category and multiple connect lines. Normally, a box plot can be drawn by category, with a single connect line for one of the statistical values of

Data Visualization
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Is that Annotate?

The SGPLOT procedures includes features to add annotations to your graph in many different ways.  Annotations provide you a flexible way to add features to your graph that are not available through the standard plot statements. Recently, I saw this graph on the web that caught my attention.  Clearly, this looks like

Data Visualization
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Sankey Diagrams

Sankey Diagrams have found increasing favor for visualization of data.  This visualization tool has been around for a long time, traditionally used to visualize the flow of energy, or materials.   . Now to be sure, GTL does have a statement design for a Sankey Diagram which was implemented only in Flex for use

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