Data Visualization
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A Better AE Timeline

Back in February, I posted an article on creating Adverse Event Timeline Graph.  In the SAS 9.2 version (first one), one item that was less than ideal was the way to position the AE names to the left of the event.  The AE names are displayed using the scatter plot statement

Data Visualization
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Forest Plot with Subgroups

During SAS Global Forum 2012, I had conversations with many SAS users who wanted to create Forest Plots.  However, there was one new twist.  The study names were subgrouped by categories like 'Age', 'Sex', etc., with multiple entries under each subgroup.  The name of each study within the subgrouped was indented

Data Visualization
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Doing more with nbsp

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on using the non breaking space character to prevent stripping of leading and trailing blanks in a string.   Since then, I have discovered a few more instances where the nbsp can be a useful tool for creating graphs. One such instance came up last week

Data Visualization
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Non-breaking space

Forest plots come in many flavors.   An example of a Forest plot using GTL is available on the SAS support web site.  Simple forest plots can also be created using SGPLOT procedure by using the SCATTER statement with MARKERCHAR to display data aligned with the plot by study names. One issue