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Data Visualization
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Survival Plot

One of the most popular graph amongst clinical and pharmaceutical users is the Survival Plot as created from the LIFETEST Procedure.  This is one graph that users most often want to customize.  See Creating and Customizing the Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot in PROC LIFETEST - Warren F. Kuhfeld and Ying So, SAS Institute

Data Visualization
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Schematic Plot

Recently a user chimed in on the SAS Communities page, requesting a way to add some observation level annotation to a box plot.  Wendy was delighted to see a graph created by the UNIVARIATE procedure called "Schematic Plot".  In this graph, the box plot of the analysis variable is shown with

Data Visualization
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Timeseries plots with regimes

Recently we discussed the features of the Shiller Graph, showing long term housing values in the USA.  To understand the features necesary in the SGPLOT procedure to create such graph easily, it was useful to see how far we can go using GTL as released with SAS 9.2(M3). I got the data Shiller Housing index data