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CandleStick Chart

A HighLow plot is very popular in the financial industry, often used to track the periodic movement of a stock or some instrument or commodity.  The CandleStick Chart is one specific type of high low plot, purportedly originating in Japan for tracking of financial instruments in the rice trade. Creating a

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More symbols, you say?

Users have often expressed the need for more marker symbols.  ODS Graphics supports over  30 scalable marker symbols, both filled and empty.  As mentioned in an earlier article, with SAS 9.4, filled markers can now have outlines and fills, and can also have special effects. Also with SAS 9.4, now you

Data Visualization
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Attribute Maps - 1

You created a graph of Response over Time by Severity where Severity has three levels, "Severe", "Moderate' and "Mild".  How do you ensure that "Severe" is always red in your graph, regardless of the data order? Normally, when creating any graph with a GROUP role, the distinct group values are assigned the style