FOBFD Greg Fishel makes headlines on climate change


WRAL Chief Meteorologist (and Friend Of the Business Forecasting Deal) Greg Fishel garnered national attention recently with a thoughtful (yet to some, provocative) blog post on climate change.

Greg Fishel
Greg Fishel with Fan Club on 2014 visit to SAS

In the post, Fishel chronicled his evolving thought on the subject. He argued for an end to the political partisanship that stifles meaningful discussion. And he appealed for us to approach the issue through science rather than ideology.

(May I have an "Amen"?)

Attention to the blog blew up when the Washington Post Capital Weather Gang covered it. And he has sinceĀ  been on the cover of the local Indy Week newspaper, and interviewed on NPR.

The Fallout

Fishel's follow-up Facebook posting garnered some choice comments, as might be expected when one takes a stand against dogma and fanaticism. My favorite of which accuses him of holding "Communist views."

(Readers, I know Greg Fishel. I have eaten lunch with Greg Fishel. Greg Fishel is a friend of mine. Greg Fishel is no Communist.)

Yet, encouragingly, there were far more words of support for reason, science, and the pursuit of truth. (Some even called for Fishel himself to enter politics -- although, in the opinion of this blogger, that would be a considerable step down from his current position at WRAL.)

When it comes to understanding complex systems, like the earth's climate -- or the impact of a promotion on the demand for our products, the reality is we may never know for certain. So with science, and critical thought, and by taking an analytical approach to our problems, we are forced into a position of humility (instead of a position of OxyContin induced bellicosity).

With science (in contrast to religion or partisan politics), no supposition can be taken as fact. Instead, we must constantly refine, test, and assess our beliefs. That's how we make progress. And that's how, through science, we enjoy such wonderful technological advances as the Avocado Saver and the Car Exhaust Grill. (The latter of which, by the way, makes practical use of an automobile's greenhouse gas emissions.)


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