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SAS/Foresight Webinar Series

On Thursday February 20, 11am ET, join Martin Joseph, Managing Owner of Rivershill Consultancy for this quarter's installment of the SAS/Foresight Webinar Series.

Martin Joseph

Martin Joseph

Martin will be presenting "The Forecasting Mantra" -- a template that identifies the elements required to achieve sustained, world-class forecasting and planning excellence. He'll also provide a diagnostic tool for assessing the quality and efficiency of your current forecasting and planning processes, and help you design new ones.

Register now. And click here to get a sneak peek of the webinar.

Institute of Business Forecasting Conference

A number of interesting presentations are on the schedule at the annual IBF Supply Chain Forecasting Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, running this Sunday February 23 - 25. Some particular sessions that cover Forecast Value Added (FVA) analysis are:

  • "Segmentation: Roadmap to Configurable Demand" (Eric Wilson, Tempur Sealy International). Covers the use of segmentation using attributes and FVA to create differentiated demand approaches.
  • "The Art and Science of Forecasting: When to Use Judgment?" (Jonathon Karelse, NorthFind Partners and Aaron Simms, Molex). Illustrates use of the "Forecastability Matrix" to guide statistical versus judgmental inputs, and how to track forecast accuracy and FVA.
  • "Applying Forecast Value Added at Cardinal Health" (Scott Finley, Cardinal Health and me). I'll give a 25 minute primer on FVA, and Scott will talk about what's going on at Cardinal Health.

Other great learning and networking opportunities include the "Business Forecasting and Planning Forum" -- a moderated panel discussion focusing on controversial issues in the field on Monday 8:15am. Also, Journal of Business Forecasting editor Chaman Jain is speaking on "How to Maximize Revenue and Profit from New Products," and longtime IBF contributor Scott Roy (Wells Enterprises) is speaking on "Improving Demand Planning Performance."

On Monday afternoon 4-5, my colleague Charlie Chase and I will be moderating Roundtable Discussion topics (mine is on "Worst Practices in Forecasting"). Charlie and I will also be signing complimentary copies of our books at the SAS exhibit booth, so be sure to visit us.

Finally on Tuesday morning, 10-10:30am, SAS will be launching a new offering, with a product demonstration by Ed Katz. We are all hoping to see you there.


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