Student Loans and Student Debt Repayment


April Query, PhD, is the Regional and Community Services Manager for the College Foundation of North Carolina...otherwise known as CFNC. Dr. Query has a strong desire to make college a reality for all, and for the past thirteen years has assisted students and their families with college and career planning as well as financial aid and financial literacy information.

In the two podcasts below, you will learn:

  • How to get a student loan from the federal government;
  • Where to get help to fill out the FAFSA form;
  • How much money to consider borrowing;
  • Options for paying for college besides taking on federal loans (including the NC Student Assist and the NC Parent Assist Loans);
  • The basics of student debt repayment including when you have to start paying back, your options for repayment, and what to do if you have trouble making payments;
  • The concepts of deferment, forbearance, loan consolidation, and loan forgiveness;
  • The dangers of ignoring student debt or defaulting on student debt.

Podcast #1: Top Considerations in Getting Student Loans


Podcast #2: The Basics of Student Debt Repayment




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