Special Needs Planning


Special needs planning is a process that identifies the financial, legal, and lifetime needs for you, your family and your loved one. It doesn't end with the identification of necessary financial tools and legal documents, but also includes the action steps that you need to take to ensure a bright future for everyone in your family during three distinct times of life: while you are alive & well; while you are alive, but are no longer able to be your loved one's primary caregiver because of your own health issues; and, when you pass away.

In this series of three podcasts, Founder of A Special Needs Plan, Ryan Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC, along with Margaret Gaffney, Transitions Coordinator for A Special Needs Plan, will assist parents in their understanding of special needs trusts, the 3 mistakes parents need to avoid in special needs planning, and government benefits to be aware of.

Podcast #1: Special Needs Trusts

Podcast #2: The 3 Mistakes Parents Need to Avoid

Podcast #3: Government Benefits


A Guidebook to Special Needs Planning


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