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Phil Simon 0
Amazon and the future of predictive commerce

Upselling isn't exactly a new creation of capitalism. Whether it's extended warranties at Best Buy or your credit card company offering you some type of enhanced protection when you dial the call center to investigate a charge, most of us have had the experience at one time or another. Consider

Tamara Dull 6
Retail is fashionably late to big data’s party

How well do you know big data in the retail industry? Want to find out? Read the following statements and pick which one is false: In the retail industry, big data is still five years away from becoming mainstream. In 2013, large billion dollar retailers spent an average of $75,000, or

Anne-Lindsay Beall 0
Six reasons retailers need to go mobile

The Mobile Communications article, Why retailers need to be mobile for the 2010 holidaysincludes a lot of compelling reasons for taking your sites mobile. I pulled together a list of six reasons from that article plus a few other sources so you can see the full argument here in a