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SAS Hadoop - A peek at the technology

Thanks for returning to learn more about this critical technology. Following yesterday’s overview post on the new SAS Hadoop support, we’ll dig a little deeper today and consider the following: Under the Hood: A Peek at the Technology SAS Hadoop Value Summary A Note About the Future Under the Hood:

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Introducing SAS Information Management

Several of my recent posts have introduced the need for leveraging a strategic approach to information management backed by industry luminaries such as Gartner. Now it’s time to take a look at our definition of Information Management and discuss how it can be used by IT to effectively manage their

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The end of tactical Data Integration

My last post focused on the business and technical aspects that are driving the need for a more strategic approach to managing data and information assets. This post discussed the natural  progression from data integration to data management.  The data integration market has gone through evolutionary changes over the last

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Data Integration is old news!!

This may be controversial coming from someone that has worked with data his entire career, someone that has been involved with software vendors focused on data integration and access for the last 6 years, and someone that is responsible for product marketing for SAS data management capability, but I’ll say

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Top 10 IT considerations for analytics in 2012

It’s hard to believe, but now that 2011 is almost over it’s time to look ahead. The technology pundits are starting to publish their 2012 predictions, and it’s not surprising to see topics like analytics, cloud, big data, mobile, social networking, virtualization, open source on these lists. Instead of creating

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Three pillars of better business outcomes: information management, analytics, and campaign optimization

Lately, in consulting with customers about SAS solutions, I’m increasingly seeing discussions revolve around 3 inter-related but distinct segments: Information Management, Analytics, and Campaign Optimization. In the past, these discussions might have happened with 3 different audiences in 3 different meetings, but we are seeing a massive convergence across these

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Big Hype requires solid Big Data tenets

Big hype about big data has played a significant role in driving awareness about the value of analytics. SAS welcomes the interest in big data, since it highlights our ability to work with huge volumes of complex and diverse data. Since this is such a critical topic, we have formulated

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