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Phil Simon 1
Big data and the project mentality

Is big data becoming too big to ignore? An increasing number of organizations seem to think so. As Matt Asay on ReadWriteWeb writes: According to a recent Gartner report, 64% of enterprises surveyed indicate that they're deploying or planning Big Data projects (emphasis mine). Yet even more acknowledge that they

Mark Troester 0
#GartnerChat on Big Data

I participated in a lively TweetJam discussion sponsored by Gartner last Friday. In addition to learning that the iPhone twitter app is not the easiest way to read and tweet quickly, there were a number of interesting observations shared by the participants, along with a good bit of humor. We

Mark Troester 1
The end of tactical Data Integration

My last post focused on the business and technical aspects that are driving the need for a more strategic approach to managing data and information assets. This post discussed the natural  progression from data integration to data management.  The data integration market has gone through evolutionary changes over the last