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Jim Harris 2
Stop tapping and start talking

In my previous post, I pondered how the inevitable lag time between the definition of requirements and the delivery of solutions is exacerbated by the business world fluctuating dramatically in short periods of time.  Today’s business requirements may not only be different than yesterday’s business requirements, but today’s business requirements

Mark Troester 3
Top 10 IT considerations for analytics in 2012

It’s hard to believe, but now that 2011 is almost over it’s time to look ahead. The technology pundits are starting to publish their 2012 predictions, and it’s not surprising to see topics like analytics, cloud, big data, mobile, social networking, virtualization, open source on these lists. Instead of creating

Mark Troester 3
Who’s right? Business or IT

I’ve had many recent opportunities to discuss the role of IT and business based on recent research efforts, focus group conversations, customer visits and advisory board discussions. Some of the feedback is really striking and sadly comical – “They don’t get it, they don’t understand analytics” – I heard the