Tamara Dull
Director of Emerging Technologies

I’m the Director of Emerging Technologies on the SAS Best Practices team, a thought leadership organization at SAS. While hot topics like smart homes and self-driving cars keep me giddy, my current focus is on the Internet of Things, blockchain, big data and privacy – the hype, the reality and the journey. I jumped on the technology fast track 30 years ago, starting with Digital Equipment Corporation. Yes, this was before the internet was born and the sci-fi of yesterday became the reality of today.

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The Hadoop experiment: To model or not to model

I recently discovered this technical white paper on SAS’ customer support site called Data Modeling Considerations in Hadoop and Hive, written by one of SAS’ R&D teams. I was intrigued by the team’s findings, so in this post, I want to share its highlights – without getting into the technical

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Retail is fashionably late to big data’s party

How well do you know big data in the retail industry? Want to find out? Read the following statements and pick which one is false: In the retail industry, big data is still five years away from becoming mainstream. In 2013, large billion dollar retailers spent an average of $75,000, or

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We need Hadoop to keep our data costs down

You’ve read the research reports and seen the statistics. You’ve attended the conferences and heard the case studies. You’ve read the online articles and kept up with expert opinions. Your organization has even done a few big data sandbox projects – some successful, some not. Yet the jury is still

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How Hadoop can help... even if you don’t have big data

“Our corporate data is growing at a rate of 27% each year and we expect that to increase. It’s just getting too expensive to extend and maintain our data warehouse.” “Don’t talk to us about our ‘big’ data. We’re having enough trouble getting our ‘small’ data processed and analyzed in