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Gartner just recently released two Magic Quadrant vendor assessment reports that have important implications for marketers:

  1. The first is the Advanced Analytics Platform Magic Quadrant where SAS is nicely positioned in the leader’s quadrant among 16 vendors due to both completeness of vision and ability to execute.
  2. The second is the Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Platforms Magic Quadrant where SAS competes with 23 other vendors and is solidly positioned in the leader’s quadrant as well, particularly from the vision perspective.

SAS is the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence.
Now you may be thinking to yourself that is all well and good, but I'm a marketer - why do I care?

Business Intelligence reporting
underpinned by Advanced Analytics
will supercharge your Marketing..

Much has been written about the art and the science of marketing. While the art of marketing focuses on hard to quantify factors such as content quality and visual elements, the science side involves processes that can be measured, reported and improved.

If you can’t measure the success of those moves and visualize that success for your constituents, expanding your marketing achievements could be difficult. Thus it makes sense for anyone executing marketing programs to have advanced analytics and business intelligence alongside to help calculate and visualize marketing success.

These two rankings from Gartner come on the heels of a year filled with strong analyst rankings across multiple areas of marketing from major analyst firms, such as Forrester and Gartner, including:

  • Ccross channel campaign management,
  • Campaign management,
  • Enterprise marketing software suites, and
  • Integrated marketing management.

It is indeed nice to be distinguished as one of the only vendors that can support the marketing department “soup to nuts” – that is from data management and quality, to analytics, to marketing process execution, and to visualization and reporting.

So if your organization is considering ways to use analytics, data visualization, or broader marketing solutions, take the time to read these two analyst reports. The advantage of using SAS is that these industry-leading BI and analytics capabilities are baked into SAS Customer Intelligence solutions.

The full reports here and see why SAS is considered a leader in the space!



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