Video: Listening, understanding and predicting the impacts of social media on your business


Earlier this year we took part in the eMetrics conference in San Jose, CA and sponsored a Marketing Lab about Social Media Metrics. We were fortunate to be able to plan & execute the session with Katie Paine (CEO of KDPaine & Partners), who presented with SAS’ Director of Media Intelligence, Mark Chaves. We titled the session “Listening, Understanding and Predicting the Impacts of Social Media on Your Business” (click the link to view my blog post from the session).

Because we believed this all-star mixture of presenters and topic deserved a broader audience, we got the SAS New Media team to videotape the session. Logistically the videotaping was a bit of a challenge, but thankfully Paul Gillis (and the rest of the Rising Media eMetrics conference team) provided great support by helping us through every detail.

And after planning the details, hiring a local film crew, setting up the cameras, lights, microphones, and the rest, we recorded a great session. All that was left was the editing, and we put some time into that because we wanted it to look and sound great. We proudly offer it up for you to view.

Have a look at the video. Do you think it’s helpful? We don’t often take a film crew to a conference session, but we can continue doing it if you think it’s valuable. Please let us know your thoughts.

SAS workshop held at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, May 2010. An in-depth look at SAS Social Media Analytics was provided by presenters Katie Delahaye Paine, of KDPaine & Partners, and Mark Chaves of SAS.




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