Svein Tore Bø
Director, Technology Strategy, SAS Institute Norway

Svein Tore Bø infuses the business world with insight to what, where and how advanced analytics and AI will have a major impact on business going forward. He is a technologist by heart and supports a broad range of industries from Commercial, Financial Service, Energy to Government and Health Care. Svein Tore works with business advisory, project delivery and implementation, to advising customers technology strategy for a successful and sustainable business. His deep technical knowledge and understanding together with business understanding and advanced analytics experience helps customers bridging the gap between IT and business to bring new ideas and solutions to life.

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Artificial Intelligence
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Support, openness and flexibility: The momentum towards the analytics platform

Over the last few years, a quiet and gradual, but nonetheless important, evolution has been taking place. There has been a move from traditional business intelligence or analytics software towards the use of open platforms that underpin analytics activity, and can integrate customers’ own solutions, reducing reliance on proprietary software.