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I am an experienced Data Management specialist working across industries. I enable my clients to unlock the value of their data, gain efficiencies and successfully meet regulatory objectives. I work with clients to create the data management strategies needed to support and optimise BI, MI and Analytical reporting operations. This typically means applying best practice data management tools and techniques to consolidate data and create sustainable, trusted, centralised, single views in data repositories, warehouses and / or Hadoop clusters. Regardless of how complex data landscapes get, how data comes into the business and where it rests, I enable clients to make sense of their data. Empowering them with a granular understanding of what they have got and what it truly means.

Data Management
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GDPR: The Consumer Effect

Mike Wake, Head of Data Management at SAS UK & Ireland analyses how the incoming GDPR will empower consumers to take back control. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) puts power into the hands of the consumer. From May 2018, this legislation will allow EU citizens to take control of where their