Mayra Pedraza
Associate Briefing Program Specialist, Marketing Executive

Mayra is a Marketing Specialist for the Academic Programme at SAS UK, she develops the brand awareness across the whole UK & Ireland student community. She joined SAS in January 2016 as an intern. Mayra manages the UK Academic social media platforms to share ideas and support other SAS users, she also creates events and sessions which contribute to engage more students into the analytics world.

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Re-energising citizen engagement

Could smart cities and social media be the perfect match? Politics is a divisive issue and not simply from a philosophical standpoint. Different sections of society have very different engagement levels. We could postulate many reasons for this, but the real question is, how can government re-energise citizen engagement in

Artificial Intelligence | Customer Intelligence | Students & Educators
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Data, models and accountability: AI education for marketers

Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to change the world of work across the board. We have already witnessed the impact on marketing communication endeavours and strategies. The ripples spreading across the water include ethical issues and questions of accountability. I caught up with Anabel Gutiérrez, Senior Lecturer in

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How SAS can help your career

Professionals with deep analytical knowledge, particularly using SAS, are in high demand. But to build a successful career, you first have to acquire the necessary analytical skills. Recently, I interviewed Andrea Baroni, a graduate from Lancaster University, and asked him to share his experience learning SAS and how it has helped advance his professional career. Your background Mayra