Lars Houge
Healthcare Manager

Lars is working with the changing healthcare landscape with increased focus on outcomes, digitalization and automation of business processes. Advanced analytics, data management and governance are critical building blocks in this transition, and Lars is supporting customers within these areas. Lars is a certified enterprise architect with cross industry experience from large customers. He is currently engaged in major healthcare programs in the Nordic countries, and you should reach out to Lars if you want to improve your business through analytics and data management.

Fraud & Security Intelligence | Internet of Things
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The unsung business case of analytics: Outcomes and budget optimization

Budgets, and the importance of balancing the books, are an ever-present issue in healthcare. With costs rising around the world, and budgets limited whether in insurance- or state-funded systems, care providers are under increased pressure to manage costs effectively. Big data analytics may just provide the means that they have

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No digitalization without analytics!

There is a major push towards digitalization in the Nordic region and the healthcare sector is no exception. The Nordic Ministries responsible for healthcare run several large nationwide healthcare projects. I have experienced that the vendor industry challenge the digitalization approach because it limits opportunities offered by a wider healthcare