John Hawkins
Technical Client Manager, SAS UK & Ireland

John Hawkins advises oil and gas organisations on technologies and approaches that can address the challenges of today and tomorrow. His particular focus is on how analytics can be used to drive business value and solve business problems across the industry.

Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Customer Intelligence | Machine Learning
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Energy and electricity, market disruption and new dynamics

There is general agreement that the electricity and energy market is changing in a wide variety of ways. There is, however, less agreement on the likely effects of these changes. This makes it extremely hard for energy companies to know precisely where to target investment, but there are ways of

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Forecourt of the future

Why do you visit your local petrol station forecourt? Well, probably one reason is to buy fuel for your car, but there is no question that forecourts have changed. Twenty or thirty years ago, you would (more or less) only have been able to buy fuel, plus oil or bulbs