Jaimy van Dijk

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to make videogames!” I said, right before I started university. It was my love for gaming that inspired me to learn how to program and that’s also how I first encountered the field of Artificial Intelligence. However, when making games you are only mimicking intelligent behavior. In games there is not much room for characters that decide for themselves where they are going to walk lest they will be somewhere they are not supposed to. But what is the beauty in that? I don’t want to tell that character that it can’t be there; it should know that it does not belong there. And so I pursued the field of AI where computers can decide for themselves where they will go! At least...that’s the goal. Currently I work with SAS as a Data Scientist in Pre-Sales Support.

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Data science education: matching up expectations and reality

The SAS Data Science and Advanced Analytics Forum brings together businesses and universities, and at a recent event, universities described courses that focused on providing students with technical skills and competencies to handle data, together with some understanding of how data scientists use software. Businesses, however, emphasised the importance of