Don Cooper-Williams
Executive Director, SAS Asia Pacific

For the past ten years, Don Cooper-Williams has been instrumental in leading the success of SAS’ fastest-growing region through strategic global alignment, driving new channels, building a culture of performance and developing talent across 14 diverse countries in Asia Pacific. His tenacity to create relevance and sustain growth in emerging as well as mature markets has meant SAS continues to outpace the market in business analytics revenue. Backing his stellar achievements is more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, providing hardware and software solutions to enterprises across South Africa, Italy and the Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining SAS, Don held various leadership positions with 3Com Asia Pacific, Olivetti, Digital Equipment and SAP. Notably, he was responsible for the success of the Alpha 64-bit introduction into the region and was instrumental in the growth of SAP in Australia and New Zealand during the 1990s. Don resides in Sydney, Australia and travels rigorously around the world managing teams to keep ahead of the fast-evolving industry. His personal philosophy is to “change mindsets through influence” and he advocates that performance management is more than performance monitoring.