Bert Weemaes
Senior Business Solutions Manager, SAS Belux

Bert Weemaes is a senior business solutions manager at SAS Belux. Bert's passion is to help companies capture business value from analytics. His prior experience as cross-industry management consultant and as analytics project manager in a banking context have given him both an outside and an inside view on analytics and how it is deployed within organizations. At SAS, he focusses on (1) helping clients discover and prioritize where analytics can help improve business processes and (2) advising clients on how to move towards an industrialized approach to model building and deployment, enabling them to capture the benefits faster through a governed and repeatable process.

Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
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Industry 4.0 - Boosting productivity with digital twin analytics

This article focusses on time-variant manufacturing processes, and how analytics can help boost their productivity. Many production lines relying on such processes are involuntarily operated using a suboptimal combination of input control settings most of the time. This weakens overall returns at facilities such as steel mills, mines, chemical and