What I learned this summer interning at SAS


Interning at SASIf I had a dime for every time I heard the word “SAS” during the past nine years of living in Cary, North Carolina, I would probably be a millionaire by now.

SAS is a hidden gem located in the heart of Cary, but until you visit the campus, you can’t really appreciate how amazing this company truly is. There are so many great benefits here at SAS including an on-campus recreation/fitness center, pharmacy, day care and even a salon! The people here are inspirational; everyone is so talented and the environment is very humbling – no wonder why SAS is consistently being recognized as one of the best places to work.

Working at this company is everything I dreamed of, and when I started at SAS exactly two months ago, I knew I was in for quite a journey.

Interning at SAS

Bonding with my team at Defy Gravity

This summer at SAS I am working in the Human Resources division as an intern on the University Recruiting team. My business professors always say that working in HR means you’re in store for surprises, and now I know what they really mean because I am constantly learning something new. My team is filled with hard-working employees who have a passion for what they do, and being surrounded by these great individuals motivates me to do my best daily. The work I am given is meaningful: I help my team forecast the next wave of entry-level talent that will work at this prestigious company. I am also trusted and viewed as an important asset to my team.

I have learned a lot this summer, and wanted to share with you a few key points I have learned this summer. I hope they help you be successful in your internship, at SAS, or wherever you work.

Be attentive
Take notes when you can because this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many, especially if this is your first corporate internship. If you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask  because there are so many acronyms and terms to keep up with. No one expects you to know everything – after all, you are interning for experience!

Make Outlook your best friend
Try to get to know other interns (or employees!) by setting up Outlook invites and asking them to grab lunch or coffee. This is the best way to expand your visibility within the company and gain a deeper insight into another person’s role rather than just your own.

Outlook is also great to set reminders, especially if you have deadlines to meet. I typically just set up a meeting and in the subject line, I write myself a reminder; it is simple and effective!

Attend most (if not all) team meetings
This is often expected of you anyway, but if you don’t already, try to attend team meetings. Even if the topics being discussed aren’t relevant to you, go to the meetings because that showcases leadership and initiative. And… chances are you might learn something amazing and contribute to the team more effectively than before.

Come prepared
I cannot stress this one enough. During my first meeting at SAS, I brought my notepad, but forgot to bring a writing utensil. Thinking it  might be inappropriate to grab a pen from my office or ask for one, I just sat there and listened. I now know: no matter how much you concentrate and listen, you will not absorb it all and remember every single word that was said in a meeting. Therefore, you must come prepared to any activity –  bring the classic notepad and pen/pencil, or the modern version – your laptop!

Step out of your comfort zone
If there is an opportunity to try something new, go for it! During the past few months, I’ve taken technical online courses here as a non-technical intern, spoke in front of almost a hundred interns at an Intern Expo preparation session, played dodgeball, and even got invited to join an Ultimate Frisbee team! There are always ways to explore, blossom in your environment, and network with other people while you are doing so.

And finally…

Have FUN!
The summer doesn’t last forever, and just because you are working doesn’t mean you can’t have some time to enjoy your time here. Attend the intern events as they are a great way to socialize and connect with other interns. This summer, I helped organize intern events to Defy Gravity trampoline park, bowling, and the latest and upcoming: Trivia Night!

As I look ahead to the school year, I will be sure to carry these tips with me to prepare me for my next adventure – sophomore year of college. Being at SAS was truly a rewarding experience for me, and I am excited to see how the rest of my time here will be.



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Fareena Qamar

University Recruiting Intern

Fareena is currently a University Recruiting Intern working in the Human Resources division at SAS. She is studying Business Administration at Meredith College. She is receptive to new ideas and looks forward to learning each day.

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