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Yawn. Stretch. Blink. Blink again.

It is 8:00 a.m. on the first day of the semester, and you know you haven’t had enough sleep (or coffee), but did the professor really just say that we are going to learn statistics? Why did I sign up for this class again? While that statistics class seemed like a good idea at the time, after all you love numbers and data, right now it all feels just a little overwhelming.

At SAS, we know those feelings. The excitement of starting a new class and that ambitious feeling you get when you think this could be the first step down a career path for you. Still, it can be a little scary and leave you wondering: how do I get started?

Starting something new is always a challenge and starting to learn SAS software is no different. SAS has a number of resources for students and our student page on the SAS Academic Programs website was designed just for you. Here you’ll find information on how to get free SAS software and more about our tutorials, e-learning, books, blogs and communities to help you learn.

So as the professor begins to review the class rules and details about turning in assignments, now is the time to learn more about learning SAS. Grab your phone and go to our SAS Academic Programs website or directly to our student page.

Right away, you will notice there are a few resources and then a list of all the resources that you can use to learn the software. (P.S. this blog is one of them!)



Want to learn more about SAS in academics? See what other students and professors are saying in the SAS Analytics U Community. Ready to start learning the software? Watch our how-to video tutorials or check out SAS books for students. Maybe even sign up to take a free online class. And make sure to bookmark this page, so that once you become a SAS expert you can take advantage of incredible certification discounts or maybe even become a SAS student ambassador.

Looks like the professor is coming up for air, so it’s probably a good time to download the software. Pull up your laptop and let’s get started. SAS offers free software for students and your choices can be found below the resources on the student page. Of course, check with your professor to make sure you’re using the right software.


It’s just a few simple steps to set up the software depending on your professor’s directions.

Even in your sleepy, early-morning state it’s easy to see why our SAS Academic Programs website is your one-stop shop for learning SAS, connecting with others using the software and for getting help. Simple, easy, mobile. Just know we are to help you and see many linear regressions in your future.

Now go grab yourself a cup of coffee before you fall asleep on your desk!


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Larry LaRusso

Principal Communications Specialist at SAS

Larry LaRusso is the editor of the SAS Tech Report and SAS Learning Report newsletters and the SAS Users, Learning Post and Analytics U blogs. He has worked at SAS since 2000 in marketing, communications, customer experience and management roles for both the Education Division and External Communications. You can follow him on Twitter @lalaru102.

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  1. Larry,
    Great article on the ways and means to learn stats and SAS for students. I concur with your mention about sleepless nights, no coffee, falling off the desk, then have coffee, work on sas program for the assignment which is due soon.

    I'm grateful for the free SAS online training tools, sas support community on "how to" for PROC and DATA steps.

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