10 student papers from SAS Global Forum 2016

Academic Summit at SAS Global Forum 2016

Academic Summit at SAS Global Forum 2016

One of the encouraging changes we’ve seen at SAS Global Forum over the years is the excitement and involvement from the student community. These are the people we like call -- the next generation of analytics professionals.

The SAS Student Ambassador Program was successful again this year, and the newest addition to the conference was the Student Symposium competition. Here’s a short video interview I did with the winning team from the Université Laval in Canada.

Many more students presented papers during the conference, and we thought it would be helpful to highlight a few so you can see what some of your peers are doing.

  1. Analysis of Grades for University Students Using Administrative Data and the IRT Procedure by Sara Armandi, University of Copenhagen
  2. Introduction to SAS® ODS ExcelXP Tagset: Exporting Formulas and Tables by Veronica Renauldo, Grand Valley State University
  3. Bayesian Inference for Gaussian Semiparametric Multilevel Models by Jason Bentley, The University of Sydney
  4. Using a Single SAS® Radar Graphic to Describe Multiple Binary Variables within a Population by Kevin Sundquist, Columbia University Medical Center
  5. Exact Logistic Models for Nested Binary Data in SAS® by Kyle Irimata and Jeffrey Wilson, Arizona State University
  6. Improving performance of Memory Based Reasoning model using Weight of Evidence coded categorical variables by Vinoth Kumar Raja, Vignesh Dhanabal and Dr. Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University
  7. Integrating SAS® and R to Perform Optimal Propensity Score Matching by Lucy D’Agostino McGowan and Robert Alan Greevy, Jr., Vanderbilt University
  8. Application of Gradient Boosting through SASÒ Enterprise Miner™ 12.3 to Classify Human Activities by Minh Pham, Mostakim Tanjil, Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Oklahoma State University
  9. A Descriptive Analysis of Reported Health Issues in Rural Jamaica by Verlin Joseph, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
  10. A Journey from data to dashboard: Visualizing the university instructional classroom utilization and diversity trends with SAS® Visual Analytics by Shweta Doshi and Julie Davis, University of Georgia

Of course, you can view all of the SAS Global Forum 2016 proceedings online. You can even search by education-related papers.

While at the conference, I also had the opportunity to interview two students from Oklahoma State University who used SAS to analyze IMDb ratings. I couldn’t believe what the data revealed about Ben Affleck movies.

And it’s never too early to make plans to attend SAS Global Forum 2017 in Orlando, April 2-5. Whether you’re a student or a SAS professional, it’s a great place to present and network with fellow SAS enthusiasts.

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  1. Such an impressive bunch. I went to several presentations on this list. The content was amazing but what impressed me most was the quality of the presentations. The students were loud, clear, made eye contact, and used effective presentation techniques. Even experienced presenters could have learned a thing or two about presenting from these young scholars.

    • Maggie Miller
      Maggie Miller on

      Beyond presentations skills, you should see how experienced they look on camera. I had the opportunity to interview a number of students this year and they really impressed me! The future looks bright for the analytics world.

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