WUSS and SESUG Scholarships Winners


SAS Regional Users Groups (RUGS) are committed to the next generation of SAS users. To encourage hands-on learning, each RUG awards scholarships to students, faculty and new SAS professionals. These awards include full or partial scholarships to attend these valuable events where they learn about SAS software from experienced programmers. Could you or a new SAS professional that you know qualify for this valuable experience? Visit WUSS, SESUG, MWSUG or SCSUG for details.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the WUSS and SESUG scholarships. Congratulations!

WUSS – Western Users of SAS Software

Winners of the WUSS student and faculty scholarships receive complimentary registration, two half-day classes and travel assistance. Registration is still open and the conference takes place September 9-11.

2015 Student Scholarship Winners

Brian Bahmanyar California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Timothy Banh University of California, Davis

Citadel Cabasag University of California, Irvine

Katherine Cai Arizona State University

Gene Chen University of Southern California

Eric Dong University of Colorado

Nicholas Ellinwood University of California, Davis

Caiti Feeley California Polytechnic University

Elaina Gates California Polytechnic University

Toni Geronimo San Diego State University

Kathleen Gunn San Diego State University

Kyle Irimata Arizona State University

Fred Jin University of Nevada Las Vegas

Eastern Kang Sim University of California, San Diego

April Moreno Claremont Graduate University

Amit Pande University of Arizona

Alexandria Pech University of Arizona

Hannah Peterson University of Nevada Las Vegas

Niloofar Ramezani University of Northern Colorado

Danny Rithy California Polytechnic University

Deanna Schreiber-Gregory National University

Chelsea Shover University of California, Los Angeles

Nathan Smith University of California, Davis

Hannah Summers San Diego State University

Brandi Vollmer University of Colorado

Sarah Winfield San Diego State University

Erica Yang California State University East Bay

WUSS 2015 Faculty Scholarship Winner

Isaiah Lankham California State University East Bay


2015 Junior Professional Award Winners

Cynthia Alvarez ICON

Richard Armenta Henry Jackson Foundation-Naval Health Research Center

Christine Dobson California Department of Public Health

Navjot Kaur Henry M. J ackson Foundation (at the Naval Health Research Center, San Diego, CA)

Lia Koski Maricopa County Department of Public Health

Edward Lan Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Tuberculosis Control Program

Joseph Lei California Department of Health Care Services

Yunin Ludena University of California, Davis

Eva Mikhael Kaiser Permanente

Montserrat Noboa CA Department of Public Health, Office of Binational Border Health

William Pe SRI International - Center for Education Policy

Siqi Peng University of Phoenix

Nicholas Pisca County of Los Angeles, Department of Mental Health, Data/GIS Unit

Monica Rosales LA County Department of Public Health- TB Control Program

Roshni Shah Santa Clara County Public Health Department

Genie Tang Department of Industrial Relations

Andy Torres SynteractHCR

DeEtte Trubey National University

Rahul Vaswani MarketShare

Josephine Yumul County of Los Angeles, Public Health -TB Control


SESUG – Southeast SAS Users Group

Winners of grants to attend SESUG attend the conference at a discounted rate. Winners who also present receive additional travel assistance. Registration is still open and the conference takes place September 27-29.

2015 Student Scholarship Winners

Nushrat Alam Florida A&M University

Rachael Becker University of Central Florida

Yin Burgess University of South Carolina

Drew Doyle University of Central Florida

Svetlana Gavrilova Middle Tennessee State University

Zhaoxia Guo University of South Carolina

Rana Jaber Florida International University

Verlin Joseph Florida A&M University

Raissa Kouadjo Florida A&M University

Jin Liu University of South Carolina

Jessica Montgomery University of South Florida

Adetosoye Oladokun Florida A&M University

Thanh Pham University of South Florida

Deanna Schreiber-Gregory National University

Yan Wang University of South Florida

SESUG 2015 Faculty Scholarship Winners

Yi-Hsin Chen University of South Florida

Mark Ferguson University of South Carolina

Peter Wludyka University of North Florida


2015 Professional Development Grant Winners

Michelle Dahnke Florida Department of Financial Services

Seungyoung Hwang Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Ram Poudel The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Maxim Terekhov Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Andre Watts University of Central Florida


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