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 Fall semester has begun and everyone is settling in for a year of learning. However, learning opportunities don’t end at the classroom. SAS Regionals Users Groups (RUGS) conferences also start in the fall. Attending a conference offers valuable learning opportunities from seasoned professionals and also provides a platform for networking. Meeting the right people can certainly help as you venture into a professional career after graduation. Luckily, attending a conference doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. WUSS, SESUG, MWSUG and SCSUG all offer scholarships and grants to students and faculty. There are also other ways to be involved such as joining a local users group, or participating in the online community.

Scholarships and Grants

Students and faculty are all eligible for scholarships and grants offered by RUGS. These awards include full or partial registration and can even cover travel costs. This requires planning ahead – the deadline has already passed for WUSS, SESUG and MWSUG, but SCSUG will be accepting scholarship applications until September 7.

Join a Local Users Group

If attending a conference is still out of your reach due to time or finances, you can still find learning and networking opportunities by joining a Local Users Group (LUG). Currently, there are 47 Local Users Groups across 42 states. Membership fees and student discounts vary per group, so contact the LUG closest to you for information. Don’t see a LUG in your area? Be a pioneer and start one!

Get Online

Join any of our online communities and learn from experienced SAS users and leaders from around the world 24/7. As you start your career, online communities will be a valuable resource in solving coding issues and delving into the many features of SAS programs.

Getting involved with the SAS Users groups in person or online provides learning opportunities that can help you as a student, but will also become more valuable with time. The lessons you learn at a conference or the person you meet at a local users group meeting can have a great impact on career prospects after graduation.


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