New academic offerings announced at SAS Global Forum


Universities were the focus of several new announcements at SAS Global Forum on Sunday.

During the opening session, Dr. Jim Goodnight announced the launch of the SAS University Edition software offering.  University Edition will be a downloadable version of SAS, for no cost for teaching, learning and academic research.  The new University Edition contains SAS 9.4m1 Base, SAS/Stat, SAS/IML and Access to PC File Formats.  The new University Edition will run on Windows, MACs and Linux inside a downloaded virtual machine.   The interface will be the new SAS Web Editor.  Users will be able to download the University Edition directly from the web.

Even though the official announcement was made at opening session, several of the SAS Student Ambassador Winners, SAS Faculty Scholarship Winners and SAS Scholarship Winners took part in a University Edition test drive earlier in the day.

Good things come to those who wait.  SAS University Edition will be available for download in May.

As second university related announcement was made during the SAS Global Forum opening session.  Dr. Goodnight announced the introduction of the  SAS Analytics U Online Community .  The new community is a place for students and professors to can find whitepapers, tutorials, data sets, training materials and forums to trade ideas and ask questions.  Facebook users and check out the SAS Analytics U Facebook site.


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Catherine Gihlstorf

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Catherine GIhlstorf is the Senior Academic Program Manager for the SAS Global Academic Program. She partners with professors, universities and students to grow the next generation of analytical talent.

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  1. Ibarra Fernandez on

    This is good news! I can't wait to get a copy of this. I wonder if you meant that this version will run on MAC or will it run on MAC inside a downloaded virtual machine? I have been looking for a SAS version that runs on MAC OSX Mavericks since I had a Macbook book pro, and to date I have not found any. Thanks!

    • Catherine Gihlstorf
      Catherine Gihlstorf on

      Thanks for the question. The University Edition will run inside a downloaded virtual machine which will enable it to run on Windows, Macs or Linux.

      • Michael Mutandwa on

        I am happy about the SAS University edition for learning. My challenge is, i downloaded a virtual machine,(Oracle VM) and when i run the OVI file of SAS University edition, it can not complete the import.
        It brings the following error message:

        Failed to import appliance /Users/mikkymutandwa/Downloads/unvbasicvapp__94110__ova__en__sp0__1.ova.
        Could not create the clone medium '/Users/mikkymutandwa/VirtualBox VMs/SAS-University-Edition/SAS-University-Edition.vmdk' (VERR_VD_VMDK_INVALID_FORMAT).

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