Congratulations 2013 SAS Global Forum Faculty and Student Scholars!


For many SAS users, their first experience using SAS came during college.  Using SAS as part of their coursework and research was how they developed their initial SAS skills. Given that SAS programming is now taught in many high schools across the US, some students are now entering college already equipped with basic SAS skills.

Regardless of when you began using SAS, there are several programs and opportunities available to help you continue to develop your SAS skills. SAS Global Forum provides conference scholarship opportunities to academic faculty and students interested in participating in the conference and benefiting from all the conference has to offer. Faculty and students from around the world applied to these exciting programs this year.

Rebecca Ottesen, Professor at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and 2013 SAS Global Forum Faculty Scholar shares "SAS Global Forum provides the perfect environment to share, learn and grow.  The scholarship programs have made it possible for students and faculty (who may not otherwise be able to attend) to take part in this event by giving presentations, attending classes, and networking with SAS professionals.  In particular, the faculty scholarship gives professors the opportunity to enhance our teaching by coming to the conference to learn more about the new advances in the software.  As we take this experience back to our classrooms the information presented at SAS Global Forum keeps getting passed on to others."

SAS is pleased to announce the 2013 SAS Global Forum Faculty Scholars.  These faculty scholars use SAS for teaching and research and will be attending SAS Global Forum to share their ideas and connect with other SAS users.

Congratulations 2013 SAS Global Forum Faculty Scholars

John Anderson
Utah Valley University
Department of Information Systems and Technology

Kuriakose Athappilly
Western Michigan University
Department of Business Information Systems 

Bethany Bell
University of South Carolina
Department of Educational Studies

Furio Camillo
Università di Bologna
Department of Statistical Science

Maria Elena Guadamuz
City College of San Francisco
Department of Latin American and Latino Studies

Steven LaLonde
Rochester Institute of Technology
John D. Hromi Center for Quality and Applied Statistics

Thanh Ngo
University of Texas – Pan American
Department of Economic and Finance

Rebecca Ottesen
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Department of Statistics

Amit Saraswat
Shanti Business School
Department of Decision Sciences

Meili Xu
Ohlone College
Department of Computer Science

In addition to these Faculty Scholars, there will also be 30 student award winners attending and presenting their research at SAS Global Forum.  Ten of these students are the SAS Global Forum Student Scholars.  Come and meet these impressive student researchers and learn how they are using SAS.

Congratulations 2013 SAS Global Forum Student Scholars

Violeta Balinskaite
Università di Bologna
Pursuing a PhD in Statistics

Yu Fu
Oklahoma State University
Pursuing an MS in Management Information Systems

Pankush Kalgotra
Oklahoma State University
Pursuing an MS in Management Information Systems

Pranav Karnavat
Shanti Business School
Pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Melissa McTernan
University of California, Davis
Pursuing a PhD in Quantitative Psychology

Christopher Moore
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Pursuing a BS in Statistics

Anil Kumar Pantangi
Oklahoma State University
Pursuing an MS in Management Information Systems

Mark Schneider
Louisiana State University
Pursuing a MBA in Analytics

Prashanthi Selvakumar
University of North Texas Health Science Center
Pursuing a MPH in Epidemiology

Casey Sperrazza
University of Alabama
Pursuing a MA in Economics and Math

Meet these Faculty and Student Scholars, as well as the SAS Student Ambassadors and SAS Student Ambassador Honorable Mention Award winners at SAS Global Forum April 28-May1, 2013.


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