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SAS has a long history of supporting the academic community in a variety of ways and that certainly includes support from the SAS Global Certification  program.  Did you know that students, faculty and staff of academic institutions can qualify for a 50% discount when taking a SAS exam?  When you are ready to take your exam attempt, you can submit a request for an Academic Discount by following the directions at  Just make sure you receive approval for the discount before you register to take the exam.

Why do we offer a discount to students?  Simple – we see it as a win-win situation.  Students can attempt a SAS exam at a lower price than the general public.  And when students go through the process of preparing for a SAS exam, SAS benefits by having a more knowledgeable group of future SAS users.

Most new SAS Global Certification exam candidates begin with the Base Programming for SAS 9  exam. Successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to:

  • import and export raw data files
  • manipulate and transform data
  • combine SAS data sets
  • create basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures
  • identify and correct data syntax and programming logic errors

If you pass the exam, you are awarded the credential of SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9.  Many university students have earned this credential but until just recently it was rare for a High School student to even attempt this exam.  That is changing as we have seen software programming skills become more and more advanced at younger levels and the number of High Schools offering curriculums in SAS have increased.

It’s a great time to focus on SAS and grow with us.  We have awarded over 49,000 SAS credentials to people all over the world and the program is still expanding rapidly.  This is a reflection of the global demand for SAS professionals - just go to any major job board and search for SAS Programmer.  The opportunities are limited only by your imagination.



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Terry Barham

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Terry is Manager of the SAS Global Certification program. He has an extensive background in the development and operation of high-stakes certification programs in the IT industry as well as experience in the development and delivery of technical training.

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  1. Raphael Fraser on

    I would love to see a certification course for SAS/IML. This would be especially useful for statisticians and others I presume.

  2. Matthew Wilchek on

    Is there a classroom level program to get basic certification for someone with no experience in SAS or any kind of programming at all?

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