Did you know SAS is listed as the #1 job skill for bigger paychecks?


Fall semester is just around the corner.  Take a look at your schedule and think about all the new information that awaits you this semester. Now, take a look and figure out what skills you will acquire over the semester and how those will help you land your dream job.  If you happen to be taking a class where you’ll be using SAS, then you may well be on the way to a big payday!

Payscale.com has listed SAS skill as the #1 skill to help boost your annual earnings!   Companies today deal with big data and need employees who know how to work with it and who understand how to use it to drive decision making.  If you are a student who will be entering the workforce in the near future, now is the time to start building out skills that will allow you to immediately contribute once you are hired.

SAS is taught in colleges and universities around the world. Depending upon where you are attending school, you are likely to find SAS being taught in courses within departments such as: business, health sciences, information management, marketing, social science, statistics and many others.  Many universities also offer courses specifically focused on learning SAS. These are usually offered by a central computing or learning resources department at the university.

If you already have some SAS skill and want to add to it, students are eligible for academic discounts on books published by SAS Institute. Learn more about the academic discount offer and view the available titles.

If you are a student and would like to learn more about SAS or need help finding SAS at your university, contact studentprograms@sas.com.  Check out the SAS Global Academic Program website for additional information.


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Julie Petlick works in the SAS Education Division as part of the Global Academic Program team. Julie is responsible for the SAS Student Program and is dedicated to supporting teaching and learning.

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  1. Wow...really goes to show the power of SAS that SAS skills boost annual earning by more than Java skills, Project Management, Negotiation and more. So many opportunities for Universities to incorporate SAS skills into their programs and inidividuals to pick up these skills through University programs or SAS Education run courses and certifications.

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