The SAS Student Ambassadors are a select group of student researchers who have been recognized for using SAS technologies in innovative ways that benefit their respective industries and fields of study.  Recently, this extraordinary group of young researchers met and attended the SAS Global Forum Conference in Orlando and presented their research.  Merlande Petit-Bois is a 2012 SAS Student Ambassador and this week she shares how she was inspired to dream big at SAS Global Forum.

Merlande Petit-Bois at SGF

Merlande Petit-Bois receives her student ambassador award from Dr. Jim Goodnight at SAS Global Forum

I started using SAS in 2007, never thinking that I would actually become proficient enough to become a SAS Student Ambassador. Wow! It sounds so fancy. So you can just imagine that I was close to terrified at the thought of being at this conference as a SAS Student Ambassador. I had always thought that this must be the conference for all of the SAS experts. The first official day of the conference, Sunday, I was in awe at how warm everyone was.  The conference environment was very welcoming. Receiving the award as an ambassador, I felt honored to represent SAS, my research, and my institution (University of South Florida).  The information that I received as an ambassador was priceless, everything from the “SAS swag” to the inside tips regarding which workshops and seminars to attend.

I loved everything about the conference, from presenting and appreciating others, to being empowered and rejuvenated about my own work and why I began this journey to get my PhD. The part of the conference that resonated most with me was when the vice-president walked us through the birth of SAS. That talk was a true testimony to working hard to accomplish a vision. That talk inspired me to dream, and to dream BIG…to understand that there is much more work to be done, so that one day I can tell about my dream to change education and education policy in America.

Greatly Inspired,
Merlande Petit-Bois, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate
University of South Florida
Measurement, Research, and Evaluation (MRE)

Merlande is an accomplished presenter and regularly attends and presents at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, as well as the Annual Meeting of the American Evaluation Association (AEA).  Look for her at these conferences to learn more about how she's working to change education. Hear more from Merlande on being a SAS Student Ambassador.

To learn more about the SAS Student Ambassador Program and other opportunities for students, visit the SAS Global Academic website


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