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The SAS Programming 1 for High School summer workshop provides educators an opportunity to expand their expertise and provide a new offering to their students.  It’s no secret careers in STEM fields are some of the best paying and offer great potential.  The development of knowledge and skills related to STEM is vital to preparing students for college and career success.  Regardless of which STEM field you select one thing you are sure to find is that it relies on data. Data are everywhere and knowing how to use data to find answers to the questions and challenges within that field is key.

SAS is a 4th generation (4GL) programming language designed for data manipulation, data analysis and reporting.  SAS is used in colleges around the world and in virtually every business sector. SAS programmers are in high demand.  Teaching SAS Programming to your students will give them a skill set that will serve them well in both college and in their careers.

The SAS Programming 1 for High School summer workshop will provide educators with 5 days of professional development training and opportunities at no cost.  The workshop gives attendees the opportunity to learn the course materials, learn how to program in SAS, and to collaborate with other educators who will be implementing SAS Programming into their curricula.

The SAS Programming 1 for High School course teaches students to use SAS Software and write code to manage and manipulate data, as well as to analyze and report on the data. A DATA step debugger and the Output Delivery System (ODS); an extendable system that delivers output in a variety of formats, such as SAS data sets, listing files, RTF, PDF, XML, or HTML is also covered.

Participants in the summer workshop receive all course materials including: instructor and student guides, a pacing guide, course notes and course slides, assessments, data sets, projects, exercises, solutions, and the SAS software – everything needed to take back to your school to successfully teach SAS programming to your students.  A certificate documenting completion of the summer workshop is awarded and can be used to gain Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

The curriculum is designed with the following prerequisites:  Teachers must have taught 2 years of another programming language such as C++, Java, Visual Basic or Python and must currently be teaching in high school.  SAS Programming 1 for High School is typically taught in the junior year to students who have completed Algebra 1 and successfully completed a course in one of the above programming languages.

SAS Programming 1 for High School Summer Workshop
SAS World Headquarters, Cary, NC
June 25-29, 2012

Seats are limited – Apply Now !

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For those already teaching SAS Programming 1 for High School, SAS is also offering the SAS Programming 2 for High School Summer Workshop which includes advanced programming techniques, utilizes SQL (Structured Query Language) programming and also covers the Macro facility tool for extending and customizing SAS software programs. The second level workshop is only for teachers who have already participated in the SAS Programming 1 for High School summer workshop.

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