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In case you haven’t heard, SAS offers a SAS Programming for High Schools curriculum that is taught in several schools here in North Carolina and schools across the US. Every summer, a group of high school educators are hosted at SAS headquarters in Cary, NC where they spend a week learning all about the SAS programming language and collaborating with one another on ways to implement teaching SAS programming to their students.

The program fits nicely within high schools that are already teaching computer programming courses.  Typically the SAS programming course is taken in the junior year and it gives students a chance to learn how to program in SAS and develop skills that will serve them well in college and in their careers.  Learning SAS programming is very beneficial as it is widely used in colleges and universities around the world and entering college with SAS skills is a great way to get ahead.  SAS programmers are also in high demand and helping students develop skills that will be advantageous to their career aspirations is a big reason high school students are attracted to learning SAS.

For teachers and students who participate in the SAS Programming for High Schools program, SAS hosts a “SAS Day” event on the SAS campus every year where the students and teachers can network with one another, play with SAS in ways that are not necessarily covered in their courses, and also see some of the newest technologies SAS has to offer.

We just had this year’s SAS Day event and the students got to see something so new that only 20 or so people outside of the company have seen at this point.  That was pretty cool! The event for this year was themed, “Discover, Lead, Solve” and schools from Virginia and North Carolina took part in the event.  Most of these students just started their semester in January and are only a few weeks into their SAS programming course.

Students working on their code

That didn’t stop them from jumping onto the computers and working through some code exercises.  Something about sitting next to your peers and working on the same exercise inspires you to try to get the answer and maybe even do it before the person sitting next to you does.

In keeping with the theme of the day, SAS is used by so many industries to “Solve” problems so seeing some examples of how SAS is being used to solve real problems was something the students really connected with.  It is always nice to see how what you learn in the classroom really will impact things out in the world.

Thank you to all the teachers and students who came to the event!  We enjoyed spending the day with you and hope you had a great time.  We are already looking forward to next year!

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