Have you ever wondered why some students go the extra mile?


We receive several requests from students who want to learn SAS.  Since SAS is taught at so many colleges and universities, many times it is simply a matter of helping students connect to all the SAS resources available to them at their school.  However, in some cases we have students who want to learn SAS even though it is not offered in their program of study, or not available to them anywhere on their campus. 

We are fortunate to have several programs available to help these students, but what I think is most interesting, is their desire to go forth on their own and learn SAS.  This makes you wonder why it is these students are putting in this additional effort just so they can learn SAS.

I had the pleasure of talking with a recent graduate to whom I posed this very question when I found out he had gone out of his way to learn SAS.  I asked him “what made you go and learn SAS?” We had a great conversation about his experience and his motivation.  Throughout our conversation he shared some great insights into why he and other students should take the opportunity to learn SAS.  There were three takeaways I’d like to share from our conversation.

Insights into why one student went that extra mile to learn SAS

Insight #1: Data are everywhere! Classes expose you to data and how important data are regardless of what industry you decide to work in. Knowing how to use SAS means you will have some knowledge and skills and be able to do something with all that data and hopefully make some good business decisions.

Insight #2: Learning SAS in school rather than in your first job gives you an opportunity to learn it in an environment where you won’t really break anything. 

Insight #3: Learning SAS gives you marketable skills for your resume.  It also gives you confidence to be able to go into an interview and talk about how you use SAS.

These were all very compelling points and made me realize how much of an impact SAS can make on students working to achieve their goals of graduating and landing that dream job. Thanks for sharing your insights Zach!  I’m glad you landed a job and that your hard work paid off.

If you are a professor or student and are interested in learning more about how SAS can support you, please contact the SAS Global Academic Program.


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