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It’s the time of year when regional SAS User Groups meet to share their work, new techniques, and lots of great ideas with other users. I had the pleasure of attending MWSUG recently and spent time with a great group of students who were all attending their first MWSUG. These students were all MWSUG Student Scholars who had applied for the opportunity to attend the conference and learn more about using SAS. Even though doing a presentation was not a requirement for the scholarship, several of the students were eager to share and presented a poster or paper and in some cases did both!   Talking with these students and hearing about how they first came to learn SAS, how they were currently using it, and what their career goals were was unbelievably rewarding as you can imagine. One of the scholars has shared her thoughts and experiences from the conference and is our guest blogger this week.

My name is Melanie and I am from Canada. I was on a student scholarship at the  MWSUG SAS 2011 conference in Kansas City. I am currently doing a Major in Business Management at the Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania. During my internship with the Hershey Company, I had to familiarize myself with SAS because my coworkers were using it for their analysis. One of my coworkers told me to apply for the SAS Student Scholarship Program to expand my knowledge with the best resources available.

I had a great time at the MWSUG 2011 conference! I took one of the training workshops during the weekend, and during the week I volunteered at the conference and assisted with some of the presentations. The best part about being at the conference is that you pick which training and presentations that you want to go to and there is something for everyone (from expert to beginner). Whether you need to clean your data, to do modeling, to customize reports, merge data, etc., the conference is a great opportunity for you to get the information you need. Also, don’t forget that the conference is a good place to meet people from the industry and network. I met a bunch of great people!

If you are eager to learn and want to give yourself the best chance for being successful with SAS as a student and as a professional, just apply! From the moment I got there, someone from SAS took care of me and introduced me to the others scholarship students so I knew what to expect for the conference. What a great experience!


Thanks for telling us about your experience at the conference Melanie! For those interested in being a student scholar like Melanie, or who have questions about other opportunities for students, contact


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