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My professors were always telling me to get my head OUT of the clouds and to stay on task.  Now the reverse is true.  Getting your head INTO the clouds is the way to stay on task and to be productive.

SAS is now offering software access via cloud computing.  SAS OnDemand for Academics (ODA) is that offering.  ODA provides access to three pieces of SAS Software for academic teaching at no cost to professors or students.

"These are limited versions of the software, right?"

    “Nope, full versions, full functionality.  SAS Forecast Server is in beta, but all the functionality is there”

"So, what software can we get through ODA?”

    SAS Enterprise Guide, the point and click interface to the Power of SAS; SAS Enterprise Miner, our data mining solution and SAS Forecast Server (beta) are all available for academic teaching through SAS OnDemand for Academics”

“I know, after I get hooked on using it, you start charging me, right?”

    “Nope, it is offered at no cost now and into the future for both professors and students”

“Can I use this from home?”

    “You can use it from home, on the road, on campus; anywhere you have a broadband internet connection.  SAS Enterprise Guide requires a thin client be loaded on your computer. You can load it on your home, office and computer classroom machines. SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Forecast Server do not require a client.  All the computation is done on the remote servers.”

“This is probably a US only offering, right?”

    “There are servers in the US to service the Americas; servers in Germany to service Europe and plans are in place to expand the service in the future to areas in Asia Pacific”

“I teach in the evening MBA program.  Is the software available in the evenings?”

    “Access is 24/7.  Can’t sleep and want to work on your decision tree analysis at 3:00 am, go for it!”

“What’s da catch?”

    Only professors can upload data to the course space but all students in the course can access them.  Mac computers have to run a Windows emulator.  The SAS OnDemand for Academics offering is to support academic teaching only.

To get your head into the clouds, visit for more information about SAS OnDemand for Academics and how to register.


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Catherine Gihlstorf

Senior Academic Program Manager

Catherine GIhlstorf is the Senior Academic Program Manager for the SAS Global Academic Program. She partners with professors, universities and students to grow the next generation of analytical talent.

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