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I recently spoke with a professor looking to develop a joint certificate program with SAS. These joint certificate programs have become very popular over the last ten years and many of the students that earn the joint certificate have found potential employers recognize the additional efforts and experience by offering higher starting salaries.

The first SAS joint certificate program was developed with the University of Central Florida in 2001 and was in data mining. Since that time, we have worked with colleges and universities around the world and now have joint certificate programs in other areas such as Statistical Methods, Programming, and Business Intelligence. One of the largest programs was established at Oklahoma State University in 2004 and has had over 300 students earn the joint data mining certificate since then—a recent group of honorees are featured below. These programs have proven to be of interest to a variety of vocations. At Kennesaw State University, the joint certificate program in statistical analysis is offered through the Department of Applied Statistics, however, students from a variety of majors participate since the focus is relevant to several fields of study.

Joint certificate programs typically involve completion of four or five three-hour courses in the area of the joint certificate. Additionally, the program must include at least one project that uses “real-world” data. The project component presents students with a problem relevant to their field of study for which they must develop a solution and present their findings to the class. Often, presentation day includes other attendees such as the department chair, deans, and other internal and external individuals. This exposure provides students with the experience of presenting results to individuals, some of whom may be experts in the field, and others who may have limited understanding of the analytical aspects of the solution.

Oklahoma State University

Students at Oklahoma State University receive their certificates

If you are interested in offering a joint certificate program, the SAS Global Academic Program will be happy to work with you to help you achieve the goals you have identified for your program. We can provide curriculum consulting and help you determine which of your pre-existing courses best align to the certificate program you wish to develop. We can also provide consultation on the development of any new courses you may be considering.

We have over forty joint certificate programs in place today and if you would like to consider developing one, please contact Jerry at


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