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Crio is new -- and we've already added features!

Using Crio—the innovative lesson-building tool—teachers can combine their classroom expertise and creativity with proven technology to bring their ideal lessons to life with student-facing content. Crio puts audio, text, images, and video—along with the interactive content of Curriculum Pathways®—into the hands of educators. As teachers build and share new, engaging lessons,

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Supporting Teaching and Learning with Crio and Graphic Organizers

Crio, the free, online lesson-building tool from Curriculum Pathways, now enables you to incorporate graphic organizers into your Crio lessons! Graphic organizers allow students to interact even further with the content of your Crio lessons. Within the organizers, they can visually organize thoughts, brainstorm concepts, classify ideas, and demonstrate relationships between

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Celebrate Bridging the Digital Equity Gap

The world’s largest and most comprehensive social studies professional development conference is NCSS. This year's gathering of teaching professionals from across the country offers a perfect opportunity to showcase the latest FREE online social studies lessons from Curriculum Pathways. It offers 700+ free social studies tools and resources, each addressing the enhanced rigor and critical

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Back to School: Spanish

Looking for ways to learn and review Spanish vocabulary for the new school year? Check out our new Spanish Vocabulary Series. Created for beginning-level students, these resources offer visuals and audio support as students enhance their Spanish vocabulary. And don't forget about our popular Spanish Video Library and Quick Tutorials!

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Back to School: Science

The start of a new school year is a big deal. It’s a time full of excitement, anticipation, and, of course, preparation. With over 300 science resources available at no cost, Curriculum Pathways can save you time and money with our ready to use, standards-based, online lessons. From genetics to