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Work & Life at SAS
Dana Aderhold 0
Why I Love My Job

Meetings, emails, budgets, phone calls, more emails, a meeting that could be an email, an email that should be a meeting – sound familiar?  This is a typical work week for most of us. It is easy to get caught up in the next thing on the calendar and lose

John Green 0
Not your father’s IT Department

Today’s IT department isn’t your grandfather’s IT department. It’s not even your father’s IT department. When people talk about Information Technology Departments of the past, it's usually broken into three distinct periods: The Mainframe; PCs; the Internet/post PC. The IT department was seen as the hardware support arm of an

Colin Gray 0
It’s not fair…

Gender and race discrimination has been banned in most countries for many years, although gender did have specific exclusions for the insurance industry, where the risk for males and females could be shown to substantially different (e.g. females have a higher life expectancy than males). In the European Union (EU)

Data Management
David Loshin 0
Extra-enterprise data

There is no doubt about it – over the past few years there has been a monumental shift in how we think about “enterprise” data management. I believe this shift has been motivated by four factors: Open data. What may have been triggered by demands for governmental transparency and the need

Daniel Aunvig 0
Transparency is the new currency in marketing

The boundaries between the company and its marketplace are increasingly blurred. We are now part of a reality in which customers play a much more integrated and active part in the processes of research and development, marketing and customer service. Little about a company and its offerings will ever again

Work & Life at SAS
It's been a blast!

Well, folks, I think it’s time to hang up my harness. Since 2008, I’ve navigated the pathways of SAS, visited some great places throughout North America, and taken the best care I could of my friend Ed. But 7 years is a long time (especially in dog-years). So I’m graciously

Data Management
Stuart Rose 0
Data is King

In my last blog I detailed the four primary steps within the analytical lifecycle. The first and most time consuming step is data preparation. Many consider the term “Big Data” overhyped, and certainly overused. But there is no doubt that the explosion of new data is turning the insurance business

David Loshin 0
Integration planning for master data management

A few years ago, I was presenting a morning course on master data management in which I shared some thoughts about some of the barriers to success in transitioning the use of a developed master data management index and repository into production systems. During the coffee break, an attendee mentioned

Dylan Sweetwood 0
SUG Road Trip! MWSUG in Minneapolis, MN

Last time on our road trip, I headed out West for the WUSS Conference in Long Beach, California. Now, I’m going North — to the Midwest, to be precise! Minneapolis, Minnesota is the home of this year’s Midwest SAS Users Group (MWSUG) Conference and the next stop on our virtual