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Metrics – Too many different ways of keeping score

You’ve likely played an organized sport at some time in your life - How many different ways were there to keep score?  How many different ways were there to determine the winner?  Just one – right?  It was goals, or runs, or points, or something, but never goals and/or assists,

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Forecast Value Added Q&A (Part 7)

Mercifully, we have reached the final installment of Q&A from the June 20 Foresight-SAS webinar, "Forecast Value Added: A Reality Check on Forecasting Practices." As a reminder, a recording of the webinar is available for on-demand review, and the Foresight article (upon which the webinar was based) is available for free

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"The Data Post" - die Web-Highlights des Monats

Einmal pro Monat fassen wir ab jetzt Studien, Videos und Veröffentlichungen über Big Data, Business Analytics und Datenvisualisierung für Sie zusammen. Das Wichtigste über den Umgang mit Daten in Unternehmen und datenbasierte Entscheidungen - im Web gefunden, zusammengetragen und ausgewählt von führenden Analysten, unseren Partnern und SAS-Experten. Zur aktuellen Ausgabe: "The

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SAS loves math: Udo Sglavo

“Maybe math is not love-at-first-sight for you, but it pays to flirt with it a little,” says Udo Sglavo.  As a principal analytical consultant in the operations research R&D group at SAS, he’s not your typical mathematician. Udo arrived at his career with a gentle tug from family members and

Data Visualization
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Report from SESUG 2012

This SESUG conference was a very energetic and rewarding experience, with many user presentations on graphics using SAS/GRAPH and ODS Graphics. One standout presentation for me was on "Data Merging and Exploration to Identify Associations Between Environmental Factors and Disease Outbreaks" by Neeta Shenvi, et. al.  The key part of

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10+ trends contributing to the big data craze

What does “big data” really mean? If you ask Zubin Dowlaty, he will tell you it’s a metaphor for disruption. “I have never experienced anything like what we are experiencing in the industry right now,” he says. Dowlaty is VP and Head of Innovation & Development at Mu-Sigma Inc. In the past he has

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What SAS users are reading this fall: early book buzz

Forget the New York Times bestseller list. We’ve created our own lists for book-bound SAS and JMP users. Besides featuring the top 5 bestselling SAS books at September conferences (WUSS, JMP Discovery, and MWSUG), we’ve provided greater insight by including comments from some observant Publications representatives. WUSS 2012 Carpenter's Guide to

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Surfing the disturbance

The future of business is the martial arts CEO, the jujitsu strategist.  Far too many organizations approach business with an American football mentality, complete with scripted plays, huddles and time outs, but the real world isn’t quite so convenient and accommodating.  The real business world is 7x24 with no time outs

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Best practice #5: Optimize reporting processes

We are half way through my blog series counting to 10 best practices for information management, reporting and analytics. To recap, we have learned the importance of: Securing executive sponsorship. Identifying and involving stakeholders early and assessing their unique needs. Identifying and integrating data sources. Managing user expectations proactively. This

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