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Molly Farrow 0
Hyper about HyperDocs

Want an overview of how to create HyperDocs for both individual lessons and units? At ISTE 2017, we'll use the Understanding by Design process to explore free online content resources designed to challenge critical thinking skills. For example, we’ll listen to the primary-source audiotapes of President Kennedy negotiating the 1962 integration of

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Robert Ruf 0
Analytics im Controlling – mutiert der Controller 2.0 zum (Citizen) Data Scientist?

Der Interpretationsspielraum zwischen „Bean Counter“ und „Business Partner“ ist immens. Nicht umsonst sind die Meinungen sehr unterschiedlich, welcher konzeptionelle Controlling-Ansatz der „richtige“ ist. Nicht nur in der Wissenschaft, sondern auch in der Praxis findet man deutliche Unterschiede vor, welches Selbstverständnis das Controlling in den Unternehmen hat. Ich möchte heute jedoch

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Ada Lopez 0
Get Students Outdoors and Learning!

Winter has past, and it’s time to soak in the sunshine vitamin. Many activities usually done in the classroom can be modified and conducted outdoors. The benefits of outdoor learning are well documented. Research shows exposure to the natural world is important to children’s social, psychological, intellectual, and physical health. Equally

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Mimi Stapleton 0
¿Escribes en español?

Most people answer, “No,” but actually we do! Think about it: most of us send texts and emails, take notes, make “to do” lists, post comments on Facebook, send invitations, tell stories… When studying a new language, you do a lot of writing too. It’s an essential part of learning

Students & Educators
Terry Hardison 0
Daring to Diagram

We called her the Diagram Queen. She was a small woman, probably no taller than five feet, but her students looked upon her as a giant. Each day, she would greet us with a smile and utter these simple instructions: “Students, take out a sheet of paper. Before we start

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