Uncovering opportunities and risks in social media, call center logs, customer surveys

~ Contributed by Mary Grace Crissey ~

Today our official press release hit the business wire! In this announcement we launched four new product pages featuring our offerings that sprouted from the power and expertise of the Teragram technologies acquired in 2008. I encourage you to take some time to click thru the links in the press release, check out the fact sheets, and explore our web sites.

Fiona McNeill, our Global Text Analytics Product Marketing Manager expresses pride in our SAS uers as she says “Those involved in enterprise content, Web content, document, records and knowledge management, enterprise search, article research and online marketing measurement can easily access and reuse information with SAS Text Analytics.”

Two new customer case studies are posted on our success story site showing innovative applications of text analytics by organizations who are reaping great value from their unstructured data.

• An Italian company takes advantage of Web 2.0 interactivity and social networking tools to Implement online lending model that pairs borrowers and investors without intervention from traditional institutions. This new credit scoring process goes beyond the quantitative variables collected from past history and standardized defined risk categories, to being able to incorporate qualitative evaluations gathered from written descriptions of the projects and business plans to make better decisions of credit risk or credit worthiness.

A Hong Kong government office faced with the challenge of processing large volumes of structured and unstructured text, in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English not only found a way to meet the challenge but are now doing so quickly and accurately. With SAS software decoding the ’messages’ and supporting their statistical and root-cause analyses of data collected in their call centers, the government is now better understanding the voice of the people, as they develop strategies for improved service boosting public satisfaction with the government.

The program for the April 2010 SAS user conference is now online - and I see several interesting text analytics projects listed there. The buzz is growing and I thank you, our readers, for finding new ways to apply the technology!

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