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Analytics | Fraud & Security Intelligence
Sadi Bezit 0
The fight against fraud: the importance of analytics

The fight against fraud has to be at all levels, and use all possible means available to the organization. However, it is important to distinguish between political, organizational and technical means. Persuading states to organize themselves better to facilitate exchange of information between administrations can be decisive, even with the

Data Management
Jim Harris 0
What does the requirement for data privacy mean for data scientists, business analysts and IT?

Corporate compliance with an increasing number of industry regulations intended to protect personally identifiable information (PII) has made data privacy a frequent and public discussion. An inherent challenge to data privacy is, as Tamara Dull explained, “data, in and of itself, has no country, respects no law, and travels freely across borders. In the

Data Management
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Managing data where it lives

Historically, before data was managed it was moved to a central location. For a long time that central location was the staging area for an enterprise data warehouse (EDW). While EDWs and their staging areas are still in use – especially for structured, transactional and internally generated data – big

Analytics | Data Visualization
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Kostenfaktor Datenqualität für Versicherungen

Datenqualität ist ein Thema, das in Versicherungen häufig thematisiert wird, im Projektalltag aber ebenso häufig eine untergeordnete Rolle spielt. Ich habe Karen Prillwitz zum Stellenwert des Themas Datenqualität bei großen Versicherern befragt. Karen Prillwitz hat viele Jahre Versicherungen beraten und als Projektleiterin in einem großen deutschen Versicherungskonzern die Auswirkungen schlechter

Data Management
Dylan Jones 0
Data governance in action

Many people have the perception that data governance is all about policies and mandates, committees and paperwork, without any real "rubber on the road" impact. I want to dispel this viewpoint by sharing a simple example of how one company implemented data governance to enforce something practical that delivered long-term

Data Management
Jim Harris 0
How do you measure the value of data governance?

Data governance plays an integral role in many enterprise information initiatives, such as data quality, master data management and analytics. It requires coordinating a complex combination of factors, including executive sponsorship, funding, decision rights, arbitration of conflicting priorities, policy definition, policy implementation, data stewardship and change management. With so much overhead involved in

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